Working with Clients One-on-One Is Not Sustainable

You want to build a profitable and easily sustainable business that provides the income and freedom you desire as a successful entrepreneur, right?

Of course you do!

As a business owner who cares, you’re passionate about what you do. You love working with your clients and they love working with you.

So why aren’t you satisfied?

Why do you feel like all you do is work, work, work?

And where the heck is all that amazing income that the entrepreneurial life is supposed to bring you?

Well, quite honestly, most service-based entrepreneurs eventually bump up against an income ceiling. You can only work with so many individual clients each year. There’s only so much time available. And ultimately that limits your income.

What if your entire business model was based on something more sustainable than providing one-on-one client services?

Let’s talk about one of the most effective ways to build the business you dream of from the expertise and talent you’re already using with your clients.

What am I referring to? The development of your own signature program as the keystone or foundation of your successful and sustainable business.

What exactly is a signature program?

A signature program is not a formula. And it’s more than a system. A signature program does not mean that you are following a cookie-cutter approach for every client with no room for individuality. That is simply not true. Yes, it does provide a structure for your work. But it’s even more than that.

A solid signature program provides your clients with valuable (and relevant) content or teaching material, plus your guidance through coaching or open client-work and feedback. It also enhances your client’s learning and application of the program materials so they can more easily reach their desired goal.

Your signature program is a comprehensive framework for working with your clients on an even more effective, deeper level that enhances their ability to achieve their desired results.

And when you do this well, the program you create becomes your signature. With your signature program it’s unmistakable exactly what your expertise is.

What are the benefits of creating a signature program?

First of all, by creating your own signature program you differentiate yourself from the crowd. There are many others who are coaches, consultants, advisors, and more. But they won’t have your exact program, will they? You’ll have your own roadmap laid out for your clients to follow. And that distinguishes you and makes your business more attractive. And that means you’ll be able to reach more of your ideal clients.

When you’re reaching more potential clients, you’ve got more clients signing up for your program because they can easily see the value you provide.

With a higher perceived value, you can begin charging more for your services – you know, the fees you’d like to charge but haven’t had the confidence to? And then, of course, you’re increasing your income. So there’s another obvious, delightful benefit.

Another thing that happens is that once you have a signature program in place, you can leverage your time because you can offer it in a multitude of ways. So being able to leverage your work and your time is another benefit. (Hint, hint: that’s how you break through that income ceiling I talked about earlier!)

Another benefit entrepreneurs don’t often consider is that having a solid signature program also positions you as an authority. Others in your industry or field begin approaching you to partner and collaborate. So there’s yet another opportunity for increased income.

And all of these wonderful things increase your confidence and expand your business, which is what we all dream of.

When you create a signature program that highlights your gifts and expertise, you have the keystone to a successful, sustainable, flourishing business that will provide you with the income and freedom you desire.

How do you get started?

If you’re even half as excited as I am about signature programs, you’ll want to get started right away developing your own. So how do you get started?

The best way to start is to sit down, analyze what you’re currently doing with most of your clients, and then outline that process. When you think about working with your most ideal client, what is the progression or path that you guide them along?

Next, break that down into discrete steps that can become the modules of your first signature program. Check this set of steps or modules against previous client work. Ask for feedback. Then create a title for your program that will be compelling and attractive to your ideal clients.

You’ll then be ready to test your program. Market it, sign up some clients, and take them through your signature program. Gather feedback, revise accordingly, and put it out there again.

With that, you are on your way.

Congratulations! You’ve just developed one of the most effective ways to build the sustainable business you dream of from the expertise and talent you’re already using with your clients.

With a signature program you now have the keystone to a successful, flourishing business that will provide you with the income and freedom you desire.

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