Why You MUST Market Yourself and Your Business

Picture this; you’re sitting in a dark corner of a coffee shop when you spot your dream guy (or girl) sipping their double cappuccino at a table on the other side of the room.

You know they’re the one. You have to meet them. You’ve been waiting for someone exactly like them to walk into your life.

You throw a wink in their direction. No response.

So you think, maybe they missed it, and you begin winking a little more fervently. Your eye starts to water. Still no response.

Not ready to give up, you give a little wave. And yet, nothing.

Dejected, you return to your cup and mull over the imminent demise of your happiness.

It’s so unfair! That person was perfect for you. Why didn’t they respond?

The answer is simple.

No matter how perfect a client is for you, if you’re sitting in the dark, they can’t see how transcendent you’d be for them.

That drawn out metaphor is poignant because I see countless entrepreneurs sitting in that same dark corner with an irresistible product or service, yet nobody takes notice because they don’t know it exists.

How do we ratchet up your confidence so you can’t help but shout your existence to the world?

Ask yourself this question: Will what I’m offering help someone?

If the answer ricochets back a million times yes, then what are you doing keeping the benefits to yourself?

By hiding yourself and your business, not only are you operating a non-sustainable business model, but it’s just plain selfish to keep all your amazingness to yourself.

The world needs your unique way of being, and it needs you to share it. And guess what? Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Marketing, unfortunately, has gotten a bad rap throughout the years because people equate it with the slimy hard sell. Thankfully, I see that perception shifting because really truly marketing is giving others the option to benefit from what you offer. It’s allowing people who WANT what you have to see what you’ve got.

Marketing is the least selfish thing you can do for your audience.

Marketing is a gift.

If you’ve helped even one person (which I’m quite certain you have) then there are hundreds more just like them who need you.

And remember this: marketing can take countless forms. Just speaking about what you do in an excited and passionate way to everyone you meet is marketing yourself.

People want to feel energized, they want solutions, they WANT to feel joy. And simply by being excited about what you do you are a purveyor of joy.

When you help people, that ripples outward, and before long everybody is bursting with song.

But that can’t happen if you’re sitting in the dark, head down, endlessly perfecting your system or service. If nobody can see you, you’re not helping anyone – yourself included.

Don’t make the mistake of being the only one who knows what you’re doing.

Make it your mission to educate everyone you know about what you do, who you help, and why you LOVE it.

Then let it ride.

You’ll be amazed at who will find you when you step into the light.

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