What If Your Way Was Absolutely Perfect?

We are bombarded with information. All the time!

Every day, or so it seems, entrepreneurs are bombarded with ideas and information about how to do things.

At times, it can make you feel like you don’t know how to do anything. And that you’re not only overwhelmed, but also hopelessly lost.

What if that wasn’t true?

What if you did know what was best for you?

How would you feel then?

A lot more relaxed, I’ll bet.

More confident! And ready to roll.

So that’s the secret.

Trust that you know how to operate in a way that’s best for you. Trust that you know how to “be” on a regular basis.

Are you meeting your important deadlines? Of course. Are you accomplishing your goals? I’ll bet you are. Are you making progress in your business? Yep. Are you serving your clients in better and better ways? Absolutely! Are you checking things off your list, one by one? Oh yeah.

So what’s the problem? And why do I bring this up?

My clients often struggle with this.

They stress about deadlines and how to focus their time.

They worry that they’re missing out on important stuff if they don’t read every email delivered to their inbox. They’re sure that if they follow so-and-so’s advice their problems will be solved.

They worry that they aren’t doing enough.

They create intricate plans for what they’ll do each day and then don’t follow their own plan.

They worry that they don’t know what they’re doing at all!

They do feel overwhelmed. And inadequate. And that’s not good for them or their business development.

They think they should be doing something else, someone else’s way. They feel like they should be doing more. Yesterday.

They feel burdened by their goals and their business plans.

So what do you do when you’re feeling this way?

Step back and check in.

That’s right. Take a breath. Stretch. Rest.

Then take a look at the task in front of you with fresh eyes.

Review your to-do list from a place of knowing and self-trust.

Look at your deadlines and your calendar with confidence and experience.

Assess your goals from a place of joy and excitement.

You may not do things the way others expect you to. Good for you!

If your way gets the desired results, then it’s perfect.

If your way gets things done, then why worry about how others do it?

No, seriously. Have you thought about that?

Do you give yourself credit for all that you do? And all that you do well?

You will be considerably less stressed and overwhelmed if you check in with yourself. And even more important, is to learn to acknowledge that your way works.

It can look messy. So what?

It can look like you aren’t getting stuff done, and then, voila, you do. So what?

Stop wasting energy.

Think about this: how much energy do you waste in a given day or week worrying about what needs to be done and how you “should” be doing it?

My guess is that if you are a productive business owner (and I know you are) and you regularly meet your deadlines and goals, then your way is absolutely perfect for you.

Don’t waste your precious energy and time worrying about how you “should” be operating. Don’t worry about how everyone else does it.

Stop trying to be someone else.

Stop trying to work from a place that doesn’t play on your natural strengths.

Stop trying to be the perfect entrepreneur.

You don’t need to be anyone else. Or any other way.

Be you. Be the amazingly wonderful, brilliant you that you already are!

Learn to identify how you operate best. And go with it.

Let yourself get into the flow of things. Your flow. Feel the ease and confidence that result.

Allow your way to be absolutely perfect – for you!

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