What If Your Life Got Easier?

Do you feel like your life is hard – harder than it should be?

What if you could allow your life to get easier?

What would that look like? And feel like?

Let’s start right now.

I invite you to take a few slow, deep breaths.

Just relax into it.

Wherever you are. Right now – just breathe.
Then close your eyes and imagine that this day just got a little bit easier.

Relax into that image of an easier day.

Keep breathing slowly and deeply.

Sit for a few moments with the feelings of ease. And breathe.

Here are some questions to reflect on while you’re relaxing and feeling your way into a state of ease:

    1. What am I willing to let go of… just for this day? Is there something that can wait? Something that’s on your list, but that doesn’t need to get done today? What about letting that go, just for today. Perhaps there is something you’re worried about – that hasn’t happened yet. Could you set aside the worry about the future, just for today? Take a deep breath. Then focus on today instead of today and tomorrow and the day after that. Or maybe you’re carrying a load or a burden for someone else today? Could you let go of responsibility for that, just for today? Let someone else take up the burden, just for today. Look at your “list” for the day – mental or otherwise – and see what you could let go of, just for today, to make your life a little easier – right now.
    2. What am I willing to give myself today as a gift of joy? Oh the sweetness of a little bit of joy in the middle of the day! What little bit of heaven can you give to yourself today? It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive or dramatic. What about a 20-minute power nap? What about a small latte enjoyed while reading a magazine or the newspaper (instead of texting or answering email)? Could you give yourself the gift of beauty and gaze at something inspiring – art, nature, family photos – for a few minutes before bed? There are so many ways to give yourself a small gift of joy during your day. If you haven’t done this before, or haven’t done it recently, give it a try.  Get creative! Think small and give yourself a gift of joy that you can savor for even a few minutes, and watch how your life feels a little easier.
    3. What am I willing to ask for so that I feel supported today? Yes, you can indeed ask for something. You can ask for a little bit of help, a little bit of support, a little bit of relief, a little bit of teamwork. Don’t keep doing it all yourself. Delegate – even if it’s something small – just for today. Team up with someone else – just for today. Ask someone you love to help you out. They’ll most likely be thrilled that you asked! Don’t stop asking for what you need. Don’t resist getting support to make your life a little bit easier. Actively pursue support – and then be on the lookout for the results. You will certainly find that your life feels a whole lot easier.

Answering any one of those questions can have powerful, positive results in your day.

You CAN have a life that is easier. You really can!

Each time you notice yourself thinking that life is hard, stop and breathe.

Then relax into a momentary feeling of ease. Just for a moment. That’s all it takes.

Ask yourself any or all of the questions above.

Then have the courage and commitment to act on the answers you get.

You’ll be living a life that is easier than you ever imagined.

And you’ll be doing it one day at a time. With ease. With joy. With support. Ahhhh.

I’m looking forward to hearing what answers you get when you ask these questions. And please share the results you get when you take action on those answers.

Here’s to YOUR easier life!

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