Think Big and Act Boldly to Expand Your Business

Did you know that business owners who have a BIG vision and BIG goals are more likely to succeed in expanding their business? There is data to support the value of setting high goals for yourself in business. And that’s exciting!


Because I believe that most of us as entrepreneurs DID have a big vision for ourselves and our business … when we started. That big vision can begin to fade pretty quickly without some nurturing, it’s true. But I believe it’s there and you can get it back.

Envisioning your future and more specifically, your future business success, is vital if you want to expand beyond what you’ve achieved so far.

And envisioning your future business can be fun! Let go of your worries that you have to “know” everything you want to achieve. Let go of perfection and seeking to describe the absolute perfect vision. Play with it. Loosen up and have some fun. Get your imagination fired up and envision your best self, your ideal business success, and more. Then spend some time creatively filling in the details.

You can create a clear vision of the success you dream of and most want to achieve. You simply start by allowing yourself to dream big – something you may not have done for a while. If you want some assistance with clarifying your vision, help yourself to my free workbook: Create a Brilliant Vision for Your Life and Business.

Having a BIG vision is vital, but it’s only the first step on your path to expanding your business.

You must be willing to act BOLDLY on behalf of your vision. Yes, you must support your vision with action. Aligned action, inspired action, yes. But especially bold action … if you want to expand your business beyond where you are today.

Too many entrepreneurs stall at this point.

They get stuck. Fear takes hold. They get bogged down in the quicksand of the run-of-the-mill busyness of being a business owner. They have a big vision, but it’s not getting any closer to becoming a reality because they aren’t taking bold action.

They may start strong. But their confidence wanes, their finances dwindle, the demands on their time loom large, their energy fades. And the result? They aren’t moving forward or gaining momentum. That big vision for their business expansion and success is just a dream – and it stays that way.

When that happens you no longer know what action to take, let alone how to take a bold action.

So how do you start (or begin again) to act BOLDLY to expand your business into that BIG vision you aspire to?

First of all, know that perfectionism and fear of failure have no place at the table when contemplating your bold action. They will keep you playing small and not living up to your potential. So put them aside (or in a corner) and begin to identify what a big bold action step would be for you and your business expansion.

Replace perfectionism with flexibility and experimentation. Think in terms of “just for now.”

Nothing is forever – not even the next bold action! So what action would you take if it was just for now? What bold action would you take if it was simply an experiment?

Practice identifying bold action steps that feel good to you, that are aligned with your core values, and that will move you closer to your big vision of business expansion and success.

Then practice – simply practice – taking those bold action steps with the mindset of experimentation. Flex your flexibility muscle! The more you practice, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the bolder you’ll be. The bolder you feel, the easier it is to take even more action steps. You’ll be building momentum.

And that becomes an upward spiral of acting boldly that will lead you to your big vision of business expansion and success.

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