Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

Too much “stuff” never brings us happiness.

It actually weighs us down.

It keeps us stuck. Rooted right where we are.

If you feel really stuck, really weighed down, I suggest that you look around your home.

Do you have “stuff” everywhere you look? Are your cabinets and closets and drawers full? Are your counter tops and tables holding piles of stuff? If so, it may be that you’re keeping yourself tied down. The energy to move -the energy to flow- is stagnant. You feel stagnant.

See if you notice this. And if you do, start small. But start.

Start decluttering.

Start looking for what you can release.

What can you let go of in order to free up some energy to move in a new direction?

You want to be surrounded by things of beauty and function – I agree. And yet, not too much of that, either! Having more than you require doesn’t really enhance the quality of your life or the energy in your home.

If you want to create a fulfilling life and a thriving business, wean yourself from too much “stuff”.

Start today with one small area of your home. Is there one drawer you can empty? How about one pile you can sort through and eliminate? Or one shelf of a closet that can be organized and reduced?

Free up that one small space and watch the momentum build.

Soon, your energy will increase. You will feel lighter and freer.

Your home will feel energized and welcoming.

You will begin creating a fulfilling life full of new and wonderful options.

You will be allowing expansion and growth opportunities into your life and your business.

Why? Because now there’s room!

Here’s to making room for even more of your brilliance.

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