We hear these phrases often: Step Into Your Power. Own Your Worth.

But what do they really mean, and how do you do it?

I’ll start with the what.

To be in your power is not to be forceful, manipulative, or mean. In fact those people are driven by fear and ego, and are so far out of their innate power that it’s a struggle just to live day to day.

No, to be in your power is to be in alignment with the energy that creates worlds, as Abraham Hicks says. To be in your power is to trust that you are in the right place at the right time. It’s to know that all is well, and the universe has your back.

To be in your power is to claim your joy, deliver your gifts, and own your part in the life you create.

I’m sure you’ve seen successful people, both in and out of the spotlight, who seem to glide easily from success to success. They are in their power, they’re in trust, and they listen to divine guidance.

Now, for someone who’s never known what it’s like to be in their power, this might sound a bit woo-woo or worthy of an eye-roll.

But everyone, without exception, has known a moment in their lives when they’ve felt truly powerful, when they’ve felt like everything is working out, when fear has left them, no matter how fleetingly. It’s like a powerful flow of energy.

If you’ve ever experienced that, you know what it feels like to be in your power.

So, how do you cultivate that “power flow” and keep it around for more than a nanosecond?

First of all, let me make this clear: It is time to look inside. To quit looking outside of yourself for your worth and your power.

Here are some ideas for how you can begin to look within in order to identify and step into your own power and worth:

Daily affirmations and mantras are powerful, especially when said while you’re moving your body. There’s something about incorporating physical movement with your affirmations that helps your body to incorporate them and believe them.

Create affirmations that work for YOU. Be sure that they resonate with your core values and your vision of success and abundance. Not someone else’s. Yours. Tap into what YOU really, really want and focus on that via moving affirmations. Very powerful, indeed!

Write down how you positively affect people. This can be in work or in your life. What do they say to you about how you shine your light? What IS your brilliance? What do others adore about you and your mad skills? Write them down! Collect them, read them, write them, and operate from them. This is how you get into that power flow. This is where your power lies. Step into it. Embrace it!

Meditate. Get outside. Get grounded and centered. For some, meditation is intimidating, but it’s powerful. If you just spend just 15 minutes (or what about 5?) every day sitting with yourself and quieting your mind, you will begin to discover a place of peace and trust and knowing. You will be focusing your power.

However, if meditation is not your thing, go outside and observe the abundance of nature. Appreciate every living thing, and acknowledge it. Enter into the space of infinite growth and connection. That’s a powerful way to step into your own power – which is connected to everything and everyone around you.

Praise. Beautiful Praise. Give yourself praise, love, adoration, and self-care. There is no faster way to feeling alive (and powerful!) than showering love upon yourself. Allow others to praise you. Accept and allow love, compassion, and joy. That is power.

Unfortunately we are trained from a young age to look outside ourselves for direction and approval, which disempowers us. So you must practice the art of listening to your inner guidance, and trusting that all is well, and eventually you will know your power and own your worth.

It is a process, to step into your power. It is a practice, an ongoing practice, to step into your power and truly own it.

But a life (and a business) that is centered in your power, which is to say rooted in love, is truly worth living.