Redefining Prosperity

“The economy is in a slump.”

“People aren’t spending money on services.”

You hear this, and more, every day. Sigh.

No wonder entrepreneurs lose sleep worrying about their financial future.

It can make you crazy, can’t it?

But is this the only way to think? Do we need to ‘buy into’ the pessimistic view?

I hope not. In fact, I know we don’t have to!

Let’s redefine prosperity so that it encompasses even more than what’s in our bank accounts.

Sound good? Let’s go!

You’ve got a LOT going for you. Really.

Let’s take a look at just how prosperous you are!

  • Your Strengths. What are you really, really good at? What traits do you possess that make you a strong person? What are your passions? Make a list of all the things about YOU that make you strong. Your creativity, your resilience, your ability to organize any project put in front of you, your crazy sense of humor, your intuition, your deep caring and empathy, your athletic ability, your calm-in-a-crisis demeanor, your head for numbers, your lightning speed efficiency, your stellar recipe for banana bread. Oh gosh, I could go on and on. But now it’s your turn. Start your list and add to it regularly.
  • Your Energy. Yes, you. You, the one who can usually get “it” done no matter what. You are an energetic dynamo. When the chips are down, you’re there. You’ve always got energy for what’s most important in your life – the people, the projects, the behind-the-scenes tasks, etc. If you feel your energy reserves getting low, you know what to do – get yourself recharged. It’s time to remind yourself just how energetic you are and how much you have to offer!
  • Your Love. You are a loving person. You have so much to offer and you have an abundance of love to give. Right? You are indeed a prosperous person. Make sure you give and receive love as much as possible. That’s the most important type of “deposit” you can make (or receive). Keep that in mind. Reach out to someone today and keep those love accounts active!
  • Your Options. I know, in difficult times it can feel like you have no options. I understand that. And yet, I’ll bet you can come up with several times in your life when you accomplished something that you thought wasn’t possible or that you thought wouldn’t happen for you. I encourage you to start a list of options you have.

Open your mind to possibilities and they will appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

If we are open and receptive, opportunities present themselves.

I encourage you to be on alert for the possibilities in your life.

Spend some time recalling the possibilities and opportunities that you have experienced so far in your life. They are there.

Be on the lookout for this definition of prosperity. It’s around every corner for those who have their eyes and ears tuned for it.

You are prosperous!

Learn to recognize prosperity and lean into it – especially when “times are tough.”

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