Recalibrate, Restore, and Revive Your Business

The Three R’s of Business (no, one is not Revenue)

Is business starting to feel like a slow drain on your soul? Are you beginning to begrudge every moment spent in front of your computer, or do you attack it, frisky and excited for what’s to come?

If you’re feeling somewhat slumped at the sight of your work, it’s probably time to implement the three R’s – and fast.

The moment has come to: Recalibrate, Restore, and Revive Your Business

It happens to all of us, from time to time.

We lose that spark, the balance tips, and suddenly this business we adore becomes a ball and chain we’d rather not get up for. If I were a doctor, I’d prescribe regular rounds of the three R’s to every business patient I have – as a business coach I do.

The first two R’s are action oriented and the third is the miraculous result, because when you recalibrate and restore, you will revive. It’s simply the way of the world. But we so often fail to recognize the need for the R’s before our system needs a major reboot.

Let me put it in every day terms. You wouldn’t drive your car for 100,000 miles without a service, or a check up, or an oil change would you? Not if you wanted to drive it for much longer, you wouldn’t. But so many of us entrepreneurs fail to allocate time to the recalibration and restoration of ourselves so that we have the capability to inject vitality into our businesses.

Not to mention the fact that, if you’re feeling mired in your business, the rest of your life is likely suffering as well. When you are your business, there is no hard-and-fast compartmentalizing available to you. Everything is much more fluid. And when one area is affected, most likely everything is affected to some degree.

Whether you have a regular self-care practice and have simply let it lapse a little, or you’re in complete engine failure, the recalibration and restoration techniques I’m about to share with you will work.

First, let’s recalibrate.

In order to do so, you must STEP AWAY from your business (physically and mentally, although the physical usually precedes the mental).

You need time away to rewire your brain and reroute your path because if you’re burnt out, or even on your way to overwhelm, the fastest path to peace is to disconnect from ‘out there’ and reconnect from within.

During your recalibration you don’t need to take hefty action, simply make a conscious choice to notice your feelings and to let go.

When feelings of overwhelm and obligation surface, notice them and then drop them like you would drop a tennis ball from your hand. Open up, and let it go. Your body and mind know how to recalibrate in order to bring balance; your job is to provide them the space in which to do so.

Now that you’ve recalibrated, you’re in the perfect place to take the next step: restoration (these steps can, and often do, overlap each other).

I find that play is the best path to restoration.

Ask yourself, what would I really love to be doing today? Then do it. Allow the spirit of play to permeate every action throughout your day. Invite in the spirit of wonder into every moment.

Next, find a ‘first’ and do it. By ‘first’ I mean something new that you haven’t experienced before. When we expose ourselves to fresh experiences we keep our minds and spirits alive and thriving. Get creative and explore your options. Find something new and experience it. Allow yourself to experiment and play in ways you haven’t before. It’ll do wonders!

Throw yourself fully into these two processes for as long as it takes for you to feel the tingling of revival – only then can you return to your business, because you will want to, and isn’t that the best feeling?

Remember, the key to keeping your business (and you!) running smoothly is regular maintenance – that very much includes periodic recalibration, time for revitalization and restoration to the root of who you are and what you love.

Make it a practice to remind yourself daily, and you’ll stay ahead of the game. That’s my prescription for your business success – and ongoing business joy!

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