Meditation in Repetition

So, here I am, feeling harried, feeling stressed, and rushing from one task to another.

Ever feel that way?

You know, the tyranny of our tasks. Gotta get ’em done so I can relax. Gotta get ’em done so I can get onto “the good stuff” in life.

There’s so much to be done. There are business tasks and personal tasks. There is email to be read, marketing to be launched, laundry waiting to be folded and put away, and receipts waiting to be entered into the computer.

There’s so much to do!

And none of it feels like the joyful part of my day.

I just want to get through them so I can … (fill in the blank here).

Do you know that feeling?

Do you recognize that scenario?

How often do you find yourself thinking about the next thing that needs to get done WHILE you’re still doing something else?

And just how well is that working to reduce your stress? To add joy to your day?

For me, if I’m honest about it, that doesn’t really help.

It’s easy to be on auto-pilot and keep plugging away in the mindset I just described.

Here’s an idea. Stop doing that!

No, not the individual tasks (although that IS an option).

Stop the mental auto-pilot response of doing one thing and thinking about all the others still to be done.

Try this instead. Focus in on what you’re doing in the moment.

Use your senses to really notice what you’re doing. What your body is doing. What you’re experiencing.

Embrace the repetition of movements in your day.

Give it a try. Start with one task that has a repetitive element.

Focus on the task and watch your brain slow down. Fold the laundry and actually notice the texture of the towels, the colors, the fresh scent, how warm they are against your body, and the visually pleasing folded stack that you’re creating.

Find the rhythm of entering receipts into the computer and ‘get your groove on’ while you do it.

Choose to experience the repetition in the task.

Reframe it as a chance to mentally slow down and enjoy your life. Right now.

As you focus on what you are doing right now, take note of how you feel.

Do you feel less stress for a change? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction? What else?

Give it a try and let me know what you experience.

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