Marketing is Scary

I don’t know of a single entrepreneur who started their business because they said to themselves, “Oh goodie, I love marketing and can’t wait to start spending time, energy, and money on marketing for my business!”

Do you?

Maybe you’re one of the rare ones who relish marketing. But it’s not likely.

Most entrepreneurs start their business because they’re passionate about something and they just can’t keep their idea to themselves anymore.

And then they realize that if they’re going to “get discovered” they’re going to have to shine a light on themselves.

And that’s not so easy to do, is it?

We aren’t brought up to shine a spotlight on ourselves, to point out how great we are and how much we have to offer, to stand in the spotlight (and risk having rotten tomatoes thrown at us now that we can be seen so clearly).

I know. Marketing is scary.

There is a lot of fear around marketing ourselves and our businesses … because we care so much! Am I right?

So tell me … what’s your biggest fear about marketing your business?

I’ve heard from many of my readers (and from plenty of my clients) – and I’d like to hear from you, too. Tell me, “What’s keeping you from marketing your business the way you know you could be?”

If you can identify – really name it – that fear (or fears), you stand a much better chance of moving past it.

You know I’m on a mission to help as many brilliant entrepreneurs as I can to build their brilliant businesses so that they are helping more of their ideal clients and making a great living.

I’d love to help you overcome your marketing fears and inhibitions, too. I’ve helped many a client move out of fear and into the spotlight.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not as scary as you might think and that once you do … wonderful things begin happening (inside and out of your business).

Here’s something else I want you to know: everyone’s “spotlight” (or marketing strategy) doesn’t look the same.

Your spotlight will enhance you and draw your ideal clients to you.

Your spotlight will be colored in a hue that complements you and will allow you to stand in the spotlight confidently as your authentic self.

Ahhhhh. Now if that isn’t the opposite of marketing fear, I don’t know what is!

It’s time to fess up and name your marketing fears.

And then choose to do something about it.

Choose to take action and move forward … out of fear and into your own customized, authentic, beautiful spotlight so that your most ideal clients can find you.

Join me on this crusade, won’t you?

Your ideal clients are waiting for you – they’re looking for your light.

Take a stand for your brilliance and shine a light on yourself. You deserve it and the world needs you to shine.

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