Learning To Receive: Money, Clients, Success, and Fulfillment

Repeat after me, I lovingly receive.

Most of us spend the majority of our time building, creating, and dare I say pushing for results.

We forget the power of giving ourselves the time and space to receive. Some of us never learned how.

Think of the tides, their natural cycle is rise and fall, in and out. They rhythmically touch the shores of the world. We would do well to mirror their behavior in our own lives. But somewhere along the way, the quiet and gracious act of reception has been mostly lost.

In a world of output and exertion, opening ourselves to receive is as foreign as a round-trip to Mars. So how do we reclaim that essential ability?

Start small. We’re all taught to say please and thank you, almost to the point of automation. But when someone gives you a compliment or a gift, do you hurriedly say Thank you, or It’s nothing, or do you face them squarely and give heartfelt thanks?

When the universe delivers to you something you wanted – a good meal, a new client, a delightful trip, a big hug – do you pause to examine it and deliver your appreciation? Or do you give it a slight nod and say okay, what’s next?

Pausing to look at the blessings delivered to you (on a continual basis, I might add) places you squarely in a state of gratitude and reception – making you conscious of the fact that you are receiving goodness daily.

Note this: There is no inherent difference between a delicious meal and a 5 figure payday. The only difference is your ability to receive it.

Prime yourself to receive by acknowledging and appreciating everything that comes to you.

Like the tides, there will be seasons in your work.

There are times of extreme growth, when you’re developing new products, offering new services, and increasing your visibility. But once you put it out there, release and receive. Don’t forget that crucial part of the equation.

All your striving and effort is for nothing if you don’t cease your harried output and let it in.

Receiving is trusting.

It’s letting go of your falsely forged sense of control and saying; I’ve done my part, now you do yours.

In the same way that you are not in charge of the tides, you are not in charge of the ways in which the things you desire are delivered to you. But they cannot come if you don’t open the door.

They cannot come if you labor on.

They cannot come.

And yet, everything you want is there for you. It’s waiting for you to let it in.

Visualize standing outside, arms spread wide, as a great warm rainstorm of all the things you desire most washes over you.

Repeat after me, I’m letting it in.

As you meander through your days, look for and appreciate all the things that come to you. Don’t shy away from consciously receiving even the slightest breeze on a hot day. That snippet of uplifting music. The fleeting smile of a stranger passing you on the sidewalk.

Lovingly receive all the gifts. Practice that daily.

Then as you propel through seasons of production and output in your business, be sure to take the time to release and allow. Let all of the goodness in. Let it flow back to you.

Most of all, listen to yourself. And know that you are worthy of all that you want. It is looking for you, and waiting for you to be ready.

Let it in.

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