Jealousy Can Help You Succeed

Have you seen all the hype lately? And is it triggering you just a teeny tiny bit?

Have you gotten an email from some online entrepreneur about their brand new crazy-successful oh-so-irresistible program and thought to yourself, “What?! I could do that just as well as them – or even better!” (And then, Why didn’t *I* think of that?)

Maybe you’ve heard about someone who’s sold 10 spots at $10k a pop for their “go on a retreat with me to an exotic locale” and your head just about spins with the thought of it.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

The endless parade in your inbox making you crazy with jealousy and feeling insecure about where you are in your business.

Are you feeling triggered by all the stuff appearing in your inbox, on Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest?

Do you doubt your own ability to make things happen the way you see others doing?

I hear you! I sometimes feel the same way! (No one is immune, trust me.) And yet …

Can I let you in on a little secret about jealousy?

You can make that jealousy work for you.

Yes, jealousy can be a signal that you can respond positively to.

It doesn’t have to engulf you, burden you, deflate you, and demoralize you.

Take a look at what’s been bugging you the most about those emails and social media posts. Turn that into fuel for your business growth.

It’s signaling that there’s something MORE you want to do and that you KNOW you are capable of.

Don’t let those emails be a cause for despair.

Instead, rejoice that you are feeling fired up. And DO something with that fire. DO something with that energy that will push you farther than you’ve gone before.

Don’t let jealousy cause you to retreat.

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who felt that same way. They wondered why “everyone” else seemed so much more successful than they were. They felt stuck in their business – working a LOT for little reward, especially compared to where they thought they’d be by now. (Sound familiar?)

Together we worked out a plan (both profitable and energetically sustainable) to move them out of that stuck place, out of that place of ho-hum mediocrity, and into MORE … more of their ideal clients, more fulfillment and joy in their everyday business, and yes, more financial success, too.

You can have that, too. DO SOMETHING about your desire. Take BOLD action!

Don’t despair over what you see others doing.

Instead, make your own plan to create something bigger in your business and create the success that you dream of!

If all of this sounds familiar and you’re ready to get out of the jealousy trap, then by all means turn that jealousy into fuel you can use.

Let it inform you about what you desire, about what you’re itching to create, and take the action necessary to accelerate your success.

Just think, you could use that jealousy to spur your business onto greater success NOW and be ready to make this year your most financially successful, fulfilling, and fun year yet! Let’s do it together, shall we?

If you’d like to explore working together to create MORE success in your business, then by all means, let’s do it!

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