If you’ve ever watched any of the Olympics, you saw plenty of high-caliber, legends-in-the-making athletes.

So how DO you become an Olympic legend – or in our case, an Olympic entrepreneur?

I think it all begins and ends with your choices.

In fact, it really boils down to making consistent choices. Period.

Oh, alright, I’ll concede that there is a lot involved in becoming a Gold medalist or an Olympic legend.

But you have to admit that it all revolves around consistent choices.

And guess what? The path to becoming an Olympic entrepreneur revolves around the same thing.

YOU are on the path to creating a successful business – to becoming an entrepreneurial Gold medalist.

And, no, this path won’t always be straight. No, it won’t be easy every step of the way. But that’s okay. Be flexible and open.

You’re investing in yourself and in your future.

You’re working toward your goals.

The habits that you’re forming and the steps that you’re taking will get you there. If you’re consistent.

The goal is to maintain the positive steps that you’re taking. And to maintain them for the rest of your life, for as long as they’re working for you.

Each day you wake up and make choices. Choices for every area of your life and your daily routine. Choices for your business. Choices for your productivity and income generation.

Some days are better than others, no doubt. What’s important is that you consistently choose to keep moving along the path you’ve set for yourself.

How do you do that?

While there are many methods and strategies (which is wonderful!) to help you form positive habits and to make forward progress as an entrepreneur, I’ve got a few that I consistently use to help me stay on track.

Here are my top three strategies that never fail to keep me on track or get me back on the main path – toward becoming an Olympic entrepreneur:

  1. Consistently choose to take small steps toward your goals. The smaller, the better, actually. My clients know that I’m a firm believer in taking really small steps. They add up. And what’s the point, honestly, of creating a step that’s too big for you to take? You won’t take it, you’ll feel bad about not taking it, you’ll probably blame yourself, and you won’t be making forward progress. So try this: Look at the next step you plan to take in building your business and if you feel some resistance to doing it and/or find yourself procrastinating about doing it, then don’t do it. Instead, break that step down into even smaller steps. Find the smallest step you can. And then do that step. Move forward from there. Keep it up – consistently – and you will indeed be moving forward, toward your goals.
  2. Consistently choose to make time for self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you nurture and grow your business? Why put yourself last on the list of priorities? This is not a recipe for greatness. Instead, make time to take really good of YOU and make time for that self-care on a regular basis. Your batteries will be recharged (before they’re drained!) and you’ll be able to take good care of all the other aspects of your business and your life. It all starts with you. And you need to be your number one priority if everything else is going to flow. Make a choice – right now – to ensure that self-care is on your calendar on a regular basis.
  3. Consistently choose to invest in yourself. Yes, invest in yourself and your business on a regular basis. You are a priority. Your business needs fuel, just like you do. Invest in your future by investing in yourself and your business now. Regularly. (No, this isn’t a ploy to get you to invest in me as your coach!) This is a plea to take your goals seriously. Take your dreams seriously and give them the nourishment they need to grow. Oh yes, if you consistently invest in yourself and your business you will see growth and forward progress.Take a look at what investment you can make right now. Plan out your future investments. Grow, baby, grow!

You are working toward your entrepreneurial “gold medal” one choice at a time.

You are becoming an Olympic entrepreneur – one choice at a time.

Choose wisely – choose to be consistent.