Part 3: How to Hire A Business Coach

Now that I’ve covered the what and the why of business coaching in the previous two articles, I’m going to share the how with you.

You do know that the how always comes last, right?

Most people try to make the how the first step and then they walk away; head hung in despair, because tackling the how didn’t achieve the desired results. Sound familiar? I digress, but I wanted to make that point. Just a friendly reminder: Answer the why and the what first, please, then get on with the how.


Alright, how do you hire a business coach? And not just any business coach. How do you hire the RIGHT business coach – the person who is going to take you from second gear to supersonic speed easefully and joyfully? How do you find the perfect coach for you and your business growth?

The simple answer:


Yep, just ask. First, ask the universe. Say: Hey, infinite intelligence (or something along those lines), I need your assistance here. Could you please place the right person in my path so that we can make magic together?

Then when it feels right, ask your colleagues (you know, other successful entrepreneurs), about their experiences. And be open to discovery.

For you list lovers and detail divas, here are some of the key (and often overlooked!) fundamentals to look for when hiring a coach. Here is the short list to ensure you hire a business coach who is the perfect match for you:

1. You need to like them. Look for someone you would want to be friends with in your personal life. Feeling comfortable talking to your coach will lighten the tone of conversation and make you more apt to divulge important details that will maximize your improvement process. You want this to be a productive relationship, right? So you’ve got to like your coach.

You want to enjoy talking with them, spending time with them, and you want to look forward to your coaching sessions. You don’t need another “to-do” or “should” in your day. So be sure to hire a coach you want to spend time with and with whom you can be your authentic self. You’ll get more done that way and it will be a lot more fun, too!

2. You need to trust them. You’re heading into the trenches with this person and you’ll need to trust them whole-heartedly with your business and to some extent, your personal life. If you want to realize your greatest success, you must be willing to be completely vulnerable and reveal the nitty gritty about your business and life to your coach. Hence, the trust factor needs to be at an all-time high.

Knowing your coach truly cares about and respects you, as an individual, is paramount. Knowing your coach cares about your success and whether or not you reach your highest goals can be the difference between accomplishing them and staying put.

3. You need to admire them. Your perfect coach is someone you admire. They have a business style that you admire. Their values are in alignment with yours. You respect the way they conduct themselves and their business. Their philosophy and outlook match yours. You find yourself thinking, “I want my business to be like theirs.” You know what I mean. Your right business coach is someone you want to emulate – and not just because they’re successful.

4. You need to feel heard. An ideal coach listens more than they speak. YOU know your business dreams better than anyone else. Your coach will help you achieve those dreams. And if they’re going to do that well, they need to be able to tune into your goals – not theirs. You want them to listen to your preferences in order to develop personalized solutions and strategies tailored to your business.

But none of that will happen if they’re preaching to you the entire session or ignoring your input or worse yet, working toward goals that make them feel successful as a coach instead of concentrating on what makes you feel successful.

5. They have proven results and success stories. The coach you hire should have a long list of successful coaching experiences. Ask around – word of mouth might get you exactly the right person to work with. Find people you can speak with about their experiences. Make sure the coach you hire has current testimonials in addition to those from years ago and those from their own coaches promoting how great they are (you know what I’m talking about here, right?)

6. They are on fire with inspiration and energy. You’re not going to get pumped up about making changes and doing the hard work of building your business if your coach isn’t enthusiastic. Look for that sparkle – that something extra – that makes your coach stand out from the rest and has you saying, “Yes, yes, this is MY coach!”

Your perfect coach will motivate and inspire you. They will meet you right where you are with compassion, not judgment, and see you through with their energy and commitment. They will find the options and action steps that are right for you, enabling you to go farther, and faster, than on your own.

Once you’ve found the right coach and have wisely invested your precious resources – your time, energy, and money – you will find that you look at everything from a new and broader perspective. You will have a newfound confidence, and your style of thinking will be bolder and more creative, providing you with ever increasing opportunities for business growth.

Now is the time to ask yourself:

Am I ready to become serious about developing my business in a way that optimizes my potential?

If you answer YES, then you are definitely ready to hire a business coach.

Do you need help getting started? We might be a perfect fit. Apply for a complimentary “Signature Brilliance” breakthrough session to see if we’re right for each other. We’ll talk about how to transform the way you work with clients so you increase your bottom line and work from your brilliance. Get started here.

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