Ever Feel Like An Imposter in Your Business?

Do you feel like no matter how much of a success your business ends up being your efforts will never be good enough?

If so, you’re not alone. And you may have what is referred to as Imposter Syndrome.

This syndrome is defined by having feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evidence to the contrary.

You worry that others will think you’re a fraud.

Sound familiar? Many business owners battling this syndrome feel like they’re presenting a false self and mask their struggle by projecting a sense of fake competence. In fact, they feel like they’re just waiting for someone to ‘find them out’ which only adds to their stress.

Self-proclaimed “imposters” experience chronic self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy and deceitfulness. These feelings can be so strong that they cancel out any positive feelings of self-worth or competence.

It’s not me, it’s luck!

Some business owners believe their success is owed purely to luck and that their so-called “abilities” would be nothing without it. This pattern of downplaying efforts of hard work by giving all the credit to Lady Luck gives those struggling with Imposter Syndrome an easy “out”. They successfully keep themselves from reaching their full potential.

Can you imagine never being able to enjoy your business success?

Regardless of what status or success is reached, most “imposters” are plagued with the inability to ever acknowledge their hard earned personal and professional accomplishments.

Believing you are a fake and that others will soon realize this ‘truth’ will prevent you from enjoying any type of success that you achieve.

It sounds miserable, doesn’t it?

It would make more sense if imposter syndrome came hand in hand with low self-esteem, but that’s just not so.

Some research has shown that perfectionism is often linked with feelings of inadequacy and not necessarily low self-esteem. Research has also shown that, unfortunately, women business owners commonly suffer with concerns about their competence, worth, and reputation. In other words, classic Imposter Syndrome.

Your business could be at risk.

If you believe you are not up to the job, everyone else will begin to believe it as well.

You’ll exude a lack of self-confidence and authority in ways that you won’t even be aware of. And the result? Others will pick up on that quickly. I mean, who wants to invest time or money into a business where the leader portrays the opposite of success, expertise, and confidence?

Obsessing about not making mistakes in your business or worrying that no one will hire you are energy drains. Plus, they keep those limiting beliefs about being an imposter firmly in place. And that’s a one-two punch for your business.

You’ll never reach your goals or achieve the success you work so hard for if you allow your negative feelings and beliefs to stay front and center.

Where do the negative beliefs come from?

These negative (and unreliable) beliefs begin early in our lives, back when we felt like we had to be “the smart one” in the family or the one who never caused trouble or always looked “perfect”. Why? Because we associated those things with the positive attention we desired from our family, teachers, and others in positions of authority.

It’s okay that we started out feeling like that – it’s important when we’re young that we feel like we fit in and that we’re “okay”.

Choose to let go of old beliefs that are not serving you.

As we become adults and start finding our own way in the world, it’s time to re-evaluate long-standing beliefs. We need to decide for ourselves who we are, what we believe, and how we will interact with those in our life.

We have choices to make as we mature, don’t we?

Some of those choices include re-evaluating your existing beliefs and then consciously choosing the ones that work for you now, as the person you are today, with the goals you have set for yourself and your business.

Can you identify the negative feelings you experience when you think about your success and your Imposter Syndrome is in full swing? Once you do that, you can begin to trace them back to the old (most likely, very old) beliefs that were put into place when you were younger and not really in charge of your world. Those beliefs served a purpose once upon a time. But no more.

Choose beliefs that are empowering.

It’s time to let go of those limiting beliefs. It’s time to embrace some new, empowering beliefs into your life.

You have a choice. You absolutely can choose new, empowering, positive beliefs that will allow you to build the business of your dreams.

You do have the ability to lead a successful business. You do have the expertise needed to guide your clients. You only need to change your beliefs.

Then you will flourish – both inside and out.

Then you will be able to joyfully leave behind the Imposter Syndrome and be the amazing, brilliant business owner you are meant to be … and already are!

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