Don’t Go Client-Hunting

Attracting the right clients and opportunities for your business can seem like a tough task. It may feel like your ideal client is an elusive needle in a haystack. But the truth is that your ideal client is likely searching for exactly what you have to offer.

You don’t need to be in prospecting mode or think of your marketing efforts as client-hunting.

I know you want to attract more clients in order to build your business. But prospecting isn’t the way to go about it.


I know. But hear me out.

Let’s do a little reverse engineering and flip this challenge around.

Start Here: Know (Really Know) Your Ideal Client

You’ll first need to define who your ideal client is. You need to be absolutely clear about who it is you most want to work with. And you need to be able to very clearly describe the key aspects of those ideal clients.

In addition to the normal array of demographics and psychographics that you’ll use to describe your ideal client, be sure to keep these key factors in mind:

  • Your ideal client is someone who needs what you are offering.
  • Your ideal client has the ability and willingness to pay for your services.

And, in order to create the foundation for a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship, be sure that these two pieces are true:

  • You and your ideal client share most of the same values and overall life philosophy.
  • You and your ideal client are both able to see the value in what you’re offering.

Dig deep and really define and describe your ideal client from multiple perspectives.

Seems pretty simple, right?

That’s because it is – as long as you are determined to get very clear about your ideal client and stay focused on only working with those people.

You Know Who You Want – Now What?

Once you can clearly articulate the characteristics of your ideal client, you don’t need to be in prospecting or client-hunting mode.

Instead, use your focused and well-defined ideal client descriptions in your marketing. That’s the key to helping your ideal clients find YOU.

Attract your ideal clients through the language you use on your website and in your email communication. Make sure you are addressing your ideal client when posting to social media and your blog.

Talk and write to them so that they can hear you. Write so that they feel seen and heard – and that you understand them.

Focus on the Value You Provide

If you don’t have a clear understanding of the value your business provides, neither will your ideal clients.

So the next step for attracting your ideal clients is to get very clear and focused on your value. Stand confidently in that value that is yours because of the expertise and gifts you bring to your work.

Learn to express that value in ways that your clients understand and appreciate.

You must understand your niche inside and out and recognize exactly how essential your life’s work is to your ideal clients. If you don’t, how will they?

Let’s Talk Relationships

What does it take to get you to make the leap to invest some of your hard-earned income in a product or service?

If you’re anything like most of us, you’ll only want to do business with individuals and companies you trust.

And how do you cultivate trust?

By establishing a relationship with your potential clients.

From day one.

They are not anonymous ‘prospects’ – they are people you desire to help. So treat them that way.

Developing positive, professional relationships with your potential clients lays the groundwork for their trust and eventually their desire to become your paying client.

So don’t focus on marketing in order to win clients. Focus on marketing to establish and reinforce the value you provide to your ideal potential clients.

Communicate regularly and authentically with them.

Stand confidently in the value you provide.

Develop a relationship.

Earn their trust.

Let them choose to work with you.

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