How to Capitalize on the 3 Cs for Your Business

The three Cs are key to growing and building your business. No, one of them isn’t cash (although you’ll find it’s a happy result).

The three Cs I’m talking about are Community, Collaboration, and Celebration. Without these, you’ll find yourself out there in the vast land of entrepreneurs, fumbling and flailing – all alone.

So why did I choose these three Cs?

After all there are thousands of “C” words integral to the success of a business: consciousness, clarity, clients, cash (again), courage, consistency, and more. But those words don’t cover the importance of building relationships – with colleagues, clients, supporters, and friends – in a way that helps to grow, stabilize, and sustain your flourishing biz.

Let’s touch on each of the 3 Cs individually, shall we?


Entrepreneurs and small business owners often lead a solitary existence. We’re usually found on the phone or stuck behind our computers getting business done. But there isn’t a successful entrepreneur on earth who hasn’t become so as a result of their support team and their community. Nobody does it alone.

Cultivating community, especially for online entrepreneurs, is crucial to your success. There are many means to cultivate community. You can go local and develop your live-and-in-person community, you can find like minded people in the social media sphere, or you can create a combination of the two. Where you put your focus really depends on what your business is and on your personal style.

Just remember, you cannot, nor do you have to, go it alone. Connect with others who are kindred spirits. Find a few people who are as cool as you are and create a mastermind. Build your own inner circle of trusted colleagues with who you can give and receive both support and guidance.

Bottom line: Community is one of the keystones of a profitable business.


An individual can only have so much influence.

Alone you are limited to the number of people you impact, but when you collaborate with another like-minded entrepreneur you expand your reach, and provide even greater value.

By collaborating you widen your circle of influence, increase your value, impact more people, and often generate new and more brilliant ideas, just by being in league with other successful business owners.

Be selective. Collaborate with others who have similar audiences and principles. Look for partners who offer complementary services that your clients have an interest in but that you don’t directly provide for them. Team up with people you want to be friends with.

Enjoy the experience of creating greater change in the world than you’d be able to alone. Most importantly, approach collaboration from a point of win-win-win (you-me-and our clients), and watch your revenue grow.


Do you know what I find to be the most exalting, exciting, and enticing thing about community and collaboration? The shared celebration. Allowing yourself to become a vital member of a community of simpatico entrepreneurs means that you can celebrate one another.

There are always going to be people you inspire, and those you’re inspired by. Be happy for someone who’s achieved what you’ve yet to do; you’ll get there. Cheer for those who are in the beginning stages; remember the joy you felt when you were where they are now.

Share your wins and celebrate them out loud. With your like-minded community who is supportive of your growth.

People are often afraid to celebrate. They think, “Maybe it’s not big enough, or it’s too big and they’ll think I’m bragging”. But that brings us back to the importance of a community where you feel safe. And please listen when I tell you that your ability to celebrate someone else’s wins as though they were your own, makes them so.

Celebrate all things; from a single client to an interview with your dream mentor.

Celebrate for yourself, and for others, and the wins can’t help but multiply.

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