Your Business, Made to Order

Oh boy, it’s so easy to look around at all the businesses out there and mirror, listen to, and follow the advice of how they found their success, isn’t it?

It seems simple to chase this or that proven formula to success.

I mean, it worked for that guru, or expert, or multi-millionaire, it should work for you too, right?

Hmmm. Not exactly.

You may see some results from following a ‘tried and true’ system, that’s true. But in all honesty, you can follow every process on the planet, and if it doesn’t line up with your personality or the way you want to run your business, it won’t deliver the outcome you’re hoping for.

What if, instead of blindly following another’s process, you tuned into your own guidance and decided what works for you? Sure, it might take more energy and a deeper look at how you really want your business to operate, but being an innovator rather than a follower will deliver unparalleled results in YOUR business.


You are the lifeblood of your business and, because of that, you are the only one who can truly decide what is best for it.

Don’t misunderstand me, processes and systems are good (in fact I *love* them), but you must make them your own. You get to decide how you want to ‘do’ business. Those gurus who sell a bonafide system are selling the process that worked for them. In as much as there are no two people exactly alike, there are no two businesses exactly alike, and to treat them as such is to doom them to failure.

So if you’re not to blindly follow another’s system, what are you to do?

I say gather as much knowledge as you desire, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm or paralyze you, take what you want, and leave the rest.

Mold it to your vision. Tailor it to fit you.

This advice operates on the assumption that you know how you want your business to look. If, however, you’ve drifted into the all-too-common zone of taking advice and disregarding your own guidance, then we need to bring you back to what you truly want.

First sit quietly, spend some time in reflection, and write all the things you want for your business. Paint the picture of what it looks like. Dig into all the details of how it operates, how you feel, what the results are.

Anytime you learn a new system, process, or technique, check in with yourself. Is this method congruent with the core values of your business? Does it support your vision?

If you feel inspired to do something that is unorthodox, or inexplicable, do it. No one says there’s only one way to do anything (and don’t believe them if they do). You can do it your way, but you must consistently return to your vision to ensure you’re grounded and regularly check in with your internal guidance.

This method goes far beyond comparing, contrasting, and following. It is an internal checks-and-balances system, which, if followed, will create a business that fits you, inside and out. A business that supports you in all ways, and relieves you of the anxiety of constantly wondering, “Am I doing this right?”

You won’t wonder, you’ll know.

Always keep in mind, the best guides, coaches, and experts will help you to discover and apply what works for YOU, not some system that has worked for them, or anyone else.

They’ll treat you as unique, because you are. They’ll help you do it your way.

Because why would you want to do it otherwise?

If you want to explore your vision, please treat yourself to my free guide: Create a Brilliant Vision for Your Life and Business. You CAN live your best life and create the business you dream of, and it all begins with a personalized vision.

And if you’re interested in talking to me about how I can help you personalize all the business-building information you’ve gathered and don’t know how to makes sense of – so that it works for YOU – then please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with me. I’d love to chat!

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