Part 1: What Is a Business Coach?

What is a business coach?

Maybe you remember the movie Rocky?

You know how Rocky always has his “guy” in the corner with him to towel him down, shoot water in his mouth, stop the bleeding, and give him tips on how to perform better out in the ring?

That guy? He’s your business coach.

You’re the boxer.

See, we’re all out there dancing around, in the thick of things, and it’s crucial to have someone in our corner giving us support and advice.

Every boxer has a guy in his corner.

Every elite athlete has a coach.

If you want to be successful in your business, you need one too.

The Business Coach Revealed

What exactly IS a business coach?

The short answer:

A business coach will enable you to do better and be better in your business. Period.

The longer answer:

A business coach takes an in depth and objective look at your business and how you operate within it.

A business coach taps into your vision and your goals, then creates a path to get you there.

A business coach digs in and builds the path, right alongside you, guiding you, in order to maintain (and accelerate!) your forward momentum.

A business coach advises you (and focuses you!) in areas you want help with – like marketing, client attraction, income development, program development, team building, and expansion.

They’ll not only help you overcome obstacles, guiding you through whatever barriers you face, but a great business coach will also raise your vision beyond what you currently see and expand it to see an even greater picture of what is possible for you in your business.

A coach brings an experienced perspective to your business, which is vital to your continued growth and success.




A business coach becomes your advocate, your liaison, your sounding board, your support, your accountability partner, and your friend.

Your coach helps you uncover your path to growth

Your coach is someone who’s been where you are and can help you get to where you want to go. They can guide you there because they’ve arrived there themselves.

Your business coach will help you – as an entrepreneur with passion and expertise – discover, uncover, and own the true purpose of your business. (Note to self: Sometimes it’s completely different than what you originally thought!)

Best of all, when your business grows in an unexpected direction, your anchor, your coach, will remind you of your new sense of purpose, see you through the doubtful times, and support you as you grow. They are there to acknowledge what you’re going through and help you emerge intact and radiant.

A GREAT business coach brings perspective, expertise, and compassion to relationship.

They meet you right where you are, right now. Plus they provide the guidance, know-how, energy, and inspiration you need to get where you want to go. They bring the toolbox you need so that you can implement, so you can create, the vision you have for your successful business faster and with more ease than on your own.

They anchor you and give you wings.

Sounds like someone you’d want on your side doesn’t it?

Of course it does!

But if you’re not completely sure, come back next week when I cover why YOU need a business coach even if your business is better than hotcakes on Sunday morning.

If a business coach sounds like something you need NOW and not next week, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Signature Brilliance breakthrough session to see if we’re right for each other. We’ll talk about how to transform the way you work with clients so you increase your bottom line and work from your brilliance.

Get started here.

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