How to Boost Your Client’s Self-Confidence

Of course we all want our clients to succeed. They win; we win.

Part of our job as service providers is to build the confidence of those we serve so that they may go out and better help others.

It’s a wonderful cycle. Let it begin with you.

But we’ve all had that client who just couldn’t get out of their own way and SEE how wonderful they were, and the value they provide to the world – in fact I’m sure we’ve each been that client ourselves at one time or another.

So what do you do as their coach, designer, hairdresser, writer, virtual assistant, massage therapist, or however you serve, to boost them up and send them out into the world all afire?

Follow these bits of client confidence boosting advice.

Be generous with your compliments. You know that phrase, blowing sunshine? Well most of the time it’s used as a metaphor for giving false hope, but I say blow sunshine, illuminate the world with it. Why not? Compliments make everyone feel good. You can’t help but feel a little better about yourself when someone gives you a glimpse of your fabulousness through their eyes. Praise your people; do it often.

Ask your clients to take inventory of the things that have gone well. You can do it in a structured way or in a conversational way, but during your sessions, talk about what’s working. Be sure to celebrate the wins.

Suggest they keep a Praise File. Again if you’re a coach, maybe this is an ‘assignment’ of sorts, but if you’re another kind of service professional you can mention it in conversation. Recommend that they keep a folder of every piece of praise they receive, be it a Facebook comment, tweet, email or testimonial. Keep them all together and review them often.

Share their work with your community. Nothing says WooHoo! better than social proof. If your client offers something valuable, share it. Give it a good ‘ol salute and let your people know about it. When someone shares, everyone wins.

If you’re anything like me (and chances are good since you’re here reading this), you take immeasurable pleasure in your client’s success. It fills you with endless joy. In fact, it’s a large part of why you do what you do. Am I right?

So let me ask you this: how often to you tell your clients (past and present) how proud, happy, and thrilled you are for their successes?

Probably not often enough.

You need to laser beam focus that joy on to them and make sure they know how elated you are for them. It’s easy to watch and think, Wow Brenda has made such strides, or Fred really hit his new product out of the park, and not communicate it. We’re busy. Time slips by. But the power of that communication could mean the difference between a great day and a terrible one. It could set the stage for exceptional things to come. It could be that confidence boost at just the right time and right place.

It could mean everything.

You never really know the impact you have on others.

One word, one phrase, one moment of connection can be the impetus to keep going. Magic happens when people feel good, and you can be the igniter.

Now go forth and light some fires.

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