Book Review: To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink returns to the writing world with his third book, To Sell is Human, with the primary goal of updating the way we view selling.

Pink deviates from the standard definition of selling and ventures to explain that whether we think so or not we are all involved in sales in one way or another.

As a small business owner, a member of a committee, or even a teenager asking a parent for a later curfew, we “spend our days trying to move others”.

This book is a great resource for small business owners. Not only do we learn about different types of “non-sales selling”, but Pink also gives many resources and practice techniques to change the way you approach selling.

To Sell Is Human consists of three parts. After dissecting our historical perception of selling (and sales people) in the first part of the book, the second part outlines Pink’s new ABCs of selling. He identifies the new ABCS as Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity, explaining each with engaging stories and examples, along with research data to support them.

The third part of the book, which is highly valuable, provides pointers for putting into practice the new techniques of selling that Pink has identified in part two. These techniques are grouped into three categories that summarize the updated sales model: Pitch + Improvise + Serve. A great pitch gets your listeners interested, the ability to improvise keeps you sharp, and serving your clients well is the ultimate objective of any successful business owner. In particular, Pink advocates thinking in terms of going out of your way to ‘upserve not upsell’ your clients.

Daniel Pink will, once again, have you thinking in new and deeper ways after reading To Sell is Human. You’ll be inspired to update your perception of sales and your role as a small business owner who is selling your services, your time, or your products.

Daniel Pink tackles a momentous, outdated stereotype (the average salesman) in a riveting and detailed book that is equally informative and engaging. Overall, this book is a fabulous resource for anyone building a small business.

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