Authenticity is Essential to Your Business Success

Authenticity has never been out of business style, as it were, but it is certainly en vogue now. Everywhere you turn some business guru or marketing maven is telling you to be your most authentic self. And now, here I am, telling you it’s essential to your business success that you are authentic.

But what does that even mean – authenticity, being your most authentic self?

Let’s take a look at what Webster has to say about the word authentic:

au·then·tic [aw-then-tik] – adjective
1. not false or copied; genuine; real
2. accurate in representation of the facts; trustworthy; reliable

If we apply this definition to ourselves as business owners, to be authentic is to be genuine, trustworthy, and original.

Let’s break this down, shall we, and apply it to our businesses and our potential for success.

On Originality…

You are an original, of course you are! That’s a given. But how you show your originality in your business is your choice – that’s where creativity thrives.

Familiarize yourself with all of the qualities that make you unique and let them be seen. We’ve all witnessed those who fall into to the limited void of imitation because they either lack the confidence or the creativity to stand behind their own qualities.

But when you understand that each of us has a unique light, and to be authentic is to shine your light, your values, and your gifts on the world without apology, without doubt, and without shame, you won’t be tempted to imitate anyone.

So, identify what makes you an original and let that voice, that light, that uniqueness shine forth in your business. Let your originality speak for you, work for you, and attract your most ideal clients.

Tap into your originality, let it serve as the basis for your business, and watch your success soar.

On Being Genuine…

If you want to be a leader in your field, you must lead with, and stay true to, your core values. They are your keys to running your business with integrity and honesty. That’s what it means to be genuine.

You are here to be your best self and to be of service to others. Yes? If so, your originality (that attracts your ideal clients) coupled with your sincerity (being genuine), are essential for your potential clients to see you as someone they can turn to for expertise and leadership.

To become successful in business – and to sustain that success – being genuine is essential. You can’t “be” someone else for very long. That’s not sustainable. That’s not being honest. And it won’t lead to lasting success.

Be your best self. Be your most genuine self. Bring that to the table and show your clients that you can be counted on to lead with your core values and tell them the truth.

On Being Trustworthy…

To be trustworthy is to say what you’ll do and do what you say. Simple to say. Not always so simple to do.

Trustworthiness is essential to your business success because if others – clients, colleagues, collaborators – can’t rely on you, then you won’t have a business for long.

This attribute of trustworthiness is highly sought after in today’s world. There is so much false advertising out there. Too many businesses employ ‘bait and switch’ tactics or use smoke and mirrors to sell their services. What’s the end result? Disappointed and frustrated clients. People who are angry at the way they’ve been treated because they feel duped.

Don’t buy into those tactics for running your business and promoting yourself. You don’t need to! And you definitely don’t want to if you are going to stay true to yourself – your originality and your authenticity.

Instead, stand for honesty and trustworthiness. Be that reliable resource for your clients – the person, the guide, the business they know they can count on to have their best interest at heart.

Tap into your authentic self. Let your authentic self be the CEO of your business.

Be the original you are – and let that show in every aspect of your business so that others can really see you and what you stand for.

Be genuine – honest and sincere – and keep your core values front and center when running your business.

Be trustworthy. Period. Set a positive example in the world as a business owner others can trust.

That’s how you build your successful business. And that’s how you sustain your business success with ease. By being your authentic self.

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