Are Your Tires Spinning?

In the winter, if your car can’t get traction on an icy patch, your tires will spin and spin when you accelerate.

If you get really freaked out about being stuck on the icy road and keep stomping on the accelerator, do you get more traction? Does your car move forward? Not usually.

How about when you’re feeling stuck on a project?

How about when you feel like YOUR tires are spinning?

Do you find yourself pushing harder and harder in an attempt to get unstuck?

Hmmm, is that working for you?

Most of my clients confess that it only makes them feel LESS motivated to work on the project.

Most of the time, they don’t get unstuck by continuing to push hard. They just feel more overwhelmed.

What DOES work when your car tires are spinning on any icy patch? Well, you usually try something different than what you were doing before, right? You might gently press on the accelerator and slowly move forward, just a little bit at a time. You might throw some sand or salt on the ground to gain traction. You might have someone give you a little push.

Think about how these options can help you get unstuck in your daily life.

Are you pushing too hard, stomping on the accelerator, so to speak, yet exhausted and not going anywhere? Try backing off and moving forward slowly – just one step at a time.

Can you try a new approach in order to gain some traction with your project? Maybe you could come at things from a different angle? What would ground you at this time, when you’re feeling so overwhelmed? Start there.

What about having someone give you a little push? How could they help you get unstuck? Ask for some assistance with a portion of your project. See if someone could work side by side with you.

Don’t just keep spinning your tires.

Take your foot off the accelerator and try something else.

Then, once you’re on track again, be sure you take some time to reward yourself and celebrate that you got unstuck!

Grab your favorite beverage, a good read, and relax. Watch a movie with the family. Soak in the tub. Call a friend.

It’s good to get unstuck. Savor it. Enjoy your progress.

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