A Hint of Skepticism, Perhaps?

A Hint of Skepticism, Perhaps?

You’re a business owner who’s been bombarded with messages that tell you to do x-y-z and you’ll be successful beyond your wildest dreams. And you’re wary of those shiny promises. Me too.

You want to grow your business – you’ve GOT to grow your business – because it’s what you’re meant to do! But how? You’ve tried so much and still feel confused. I know that feeling, believe me.

And now, here I am, passionate about the power of your very own Signature Program.

Am I sensing a hint of skepticism, perhaps?

Confused young businesswoman shrugs her shoulders

A “Program” Just Won’t Do It

Maybe you equate a program with structure – and THAT just won’t work with your style and your clients’ unique needs.

You know you have a gift – you just don’t know what to do with it. You don’t know how to “translate it” into packages and programs.

You don’t see how to grow your business beyond what you’re already doing.

And just like I was, you are skeptical. A “program” just won’t do it, you tell yourself.

Maybe you’re a hands-on healer or teacher who doesn’t believe your work can be transformed into an online program.

Maybe you’re a coach who’s been trained that coaches don’t “teach” their clients anything, so you don’t think you can create a program from your coaching.

I hear that. And I get it.

The thing is, I’ve never met a business owner who couldn’t benefit from turning what they know into a program that adds tremendous value and makes their work more profitable.

But how exactly did I get to this place if I used to be so skeptical, you ask?

I’m a Scientist

Truth be told, I’m a scientist. A microbiologist, to be exact.

(A what?!, you’re thinking. A microbiologist. You know, teeny tiny living things.)

All my life I’ve been fascinated by what sustains life… and what causes that life to flourish.

I love analyzing information and problem solving. I love the satisfaction of a completed experiment. I love the constant learning and the amazing discoveries science offers.

And for 25 years, I was a happy and curious researcher, teacher, and administrator at Indiana University.

That phase of my career was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But in 2009, I decided to engage in a different sort of “science” altogether.

From Scientist to Life Coach

Celebrating on a mountain

I got my Life Coach Certification at the Martha Beck Institute, certified personally by Dr. Beck, a Harvard-trained sociologist and best-selling author. (You may have also read her regular articles in Oprah’s O Magazine).

I coached midlife women – but I also kept my day job at the University.

Yeah, I was busy. Busy and deliriously happy.

Over time, my friends and colleagues noticed this – and how successful my business was – and they started asking me for advice on how to grow their businesses.

And Then, One Day a Funny Thing Happened…

I’ll never forget the day a coaching friend of mine asked to talk to me.

I thought I was in trouble. I thought perhaps I’d hurt her feelings by something I’d said.

But the truth was, she called me to say, “I have a confession – when we’re on the phone together, I write down everything you say about growing a business.”

She said, “I feel like you’re my business coach. So I need to start paying you, or I feel like I’m stealing your brilliance.”


In that moment, it felt like the clouds parted above my head, letting rays of sunlight beam down on me.

And I realized: This is my calling.

Creating Profitable Programs Based On Your Meaningful Work

So now, I’m deliriously happy helping all kinds of business owners, healers, coaches and teachers transform their brilliance into a signature program that’s so “them” – and so valuable to other people – their business grows naturally.

I think it’s because when you get this right, you build a business that allows you to live your most fulfilling life.

And that’s why we’re all in business for ourselves, right? To help others and to live our ideal life while we’re doing it!

Ready to get started?

Let me show you how you can build a successful business based on your expertise and that meets your clients’ needs.

Once you create a personalized business model that works, you are poised to successfully reach more of your ideal clients. And because you can reach more potential clients, you are going to have more of your ideal clients saying “Yes!” and enrolling in your compelling offers.

And with that you’ll be increasing your income and successfully expanding your business. How exciting is that?!

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