What’s MY Signature Program, You Ask?

What’s MY Signature Program,
You Ask?

Step #1: Envision Your Expanded Business

There is something more you are meant to do. But what is it and how do you get there? Picture the bigger future that is possible for you so we can design it. In this step, you name your tribe (hint: it’s not “everyone”), claim your expertise, and give voice to your bigger personal vision.

Step #2: Design Your Expanded Business Model

Create a path for your tribe to reach their goals and for you to achieve the bigger, expanded vision for your business. This way, you put relationship and community at the heart of your biz model.

Step #3: Generate Income with Your First Offer

The key to generating income is to focus on taking aligned, inspired actions that bring your bigger vision into reality WITHOUT getting distracted by “nice but not now” projects that pull focus away from your ultimate goal. Here, you’ll also create an offer that’s easy to put together and easy for clients to say yes to.

Step #4: Design a Deeply Transformative Signature Program

Know HOW to share your brilliance in a way that your people want. Here, you’ll organize your brilliant ideas and personal style into offerings that meet your tribe’s needs and hottest desires. We’ll pinpoint where your expertise, passion, and strengths intersect with your ideal client’s needs in order to create a signature program that deeply transforms people’s lives.

Step #5: Price Your Offerings with Confidence and Integrity

You establish credibility and increase your own confidence when you set investment levels for your programs right where they need to be. Find out how to price with integrity so you set the stage to expand your business, reach more of the right people, and dramatically increase your income.

Step #6: Paving the Way for More Great Clients to Say YES to Working with You

With a range of price points, you’re on your way to creating a pathway for clients to work with you in multiple programs over time. You’ll build out a whole suite of programs and offers, and design – in detail – your expanded business model. In this step, we’ll make sure the way you talk about your work brings you plenty of business – and boost your confidence as you reach out to serve even more people, online and off.

Step #7: Achieve Your Expanded Vision! Bring Your New Business Model to Life

You’ve worked hard to create your signature program, now you’ve got to get it out into the world and into your clients’ hands. Here, you’ll fill in any gaps in your marketing, plan your launch, and create a personalized marketing strategy to fill your new signature program.

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