21 Routines to Renew You

As we’re closing out this year and welcoming a new one, I want to talk to you a little bit about the importance of renewal.

Each year is a clean slate.

Each day is a fresh start.

So let’s take advantage of that, shall we? It’s time to incorporate some revitalizing and renewal practices into your day!

I’ve created a list of practices for you to contemplate and choose from so you can renew regularly.

Think of this as a menu that you can make selections from on a regular basis. Sometimes you choose an old favorite and other times you decide to try something brand new.

Have fun with this. In fact, in the spirit of love and support (as your coach!), I challenge you to see just how many of these revitalizing practices can you regularly incorporate into your life.

21 Practices to Renew You

1. I urge you to work less and play more.

2. Spend time with happy people who shine their light on everyone they encounter.

3. Move your body, every day, without fail. You owe it to your spirit to honor the house in which it lives.

4. Eat for energy, not emotion. Food is fuel; it’s medicine. Adore it and it will adore you.

5. Unplug. Don’t pick up your phone first thing in the morning. Spend hours where you have no idea where it lies. Pass a day without looking at your computer. Look out at the world around you instead.

6. Laugh. Full-bellied, tears streaming, drool spilling; the ‘I don’t care who sees my contorted face because I’m having so much fun’ kind of laughter.

7. Buy yourself flowers, or a live plant. Bring the beauty of nature inside and marvel at its perfection.

8. Go outside. I don’t care if it’s subzero and windy, or if it’s tropical and sunny. Get your body outside and breathe in the fresh air. Even five minutes will do.

9. Hug. Hug yourself, hug a tree, hug a lover, hug a friend, hug your dog, hug your children. Give and receive as many embraces as possible. Cherish them.

10. Stretch your limits. Try something new. Be uncomfortable and know that it’s temporary. Bask in the feeling of growth.

11. Splurge. Whatever that means to you. Is it a massage, a new dress, a night out, a morning in? Do it.

12. Share your accomplishments with at least 3 people who will also celebrate and support you.

13. Find time to be alone and love your company.

14. Cook an extravagant meal, or go out for one. Delight in the complex flavors and textures of freshly prepared ingredients.

15. Give – to charity, to a friend, to a stranger. Give without expectation. Give unreservedly. Give for the joy of giving.

16. Breathe – deep cleansing breaths. Practice the 5-3-7 pattern. (5 seconds in, hold for 3, 7 seconds out) Sigh audibly, often.

17. Speak your mind. State your needs. Honor yourself; it is the best way to honor those around you.

18. Make a list of all the things that went well in the last year, things that you’d like to continue. Savor them and praise your successes.

19. Create a new vision board. Bask in the inspiration for your upcoming year. Have fun imagining your future.

20. Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself and your business to be supported. Determine what you most need and give it to yourself.

21. Practice unbounded appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Celebrate them verbally, make lists, and give compliments.

Thank you for being part of my community, and for trusting me with your time and energy.

I am honored to be on this journey with you and I am celebrating YOU, right where you are.

Here’s to an amazing New Year, filled with joy and success, because you’ve made it a priority to renew your energy on a regular basis.

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