You’re Brilliant!



You help your clients create extraordinary outcomes.

So what’s the problem?

So what’s the problem?

Habitually Undercharge for Your Work

You Work All the Time (and End Up Worn Out)


Never Make Great Money from Your Brilliance

What if you didn’t accept this one-way ticket to burnout and ho-hum income?

What if you didn’t accept this one-way ticket to burnout and ho-hum income?

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Let your brilliance shine.

Let your



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I’m here to show you the science of turning your brilliance into a leveraged business that makes great money.

  • LEVERAGE = GROWTH  |  You’ll have a signature program based on YOUR brilliance that’s in demand in your marketplace, pricing that reflects your value and brilliance AND the confidence to actually get it… plus an entire business model based on your programs (not per-session rates).
  • AUTHENTIC MARKETING  |  You’ll position yourself as an expert in a way that’s deep + real (way more than a kitschy title and tagline) and describe what you do in a way that attracts loyal clients and raving fans.
  • STRATEGY + EXPERIENCED GUIDANCE  |  No more doing it alone – you’ll get the plan AND the personal attention to make it happen in your actual business (no cookie-cutter business “guidance”).

Transform your brilliance …
into more money, more impact, and more freedom.

Ready to transform your brilliance?

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Brilliant Clients

“Hiring Margie will be the absolute best investment you will ever make.

Almost 3 years later, and I have a thriving business that Margie has helped me to build and grow by leaps and bounds. Margie is still my coach and I could not run my business without her. You rarely find a coach who can do it all – websites, copy writing, online course development and design, etc.” 

Sherrine Washington

“I have had several record-breaking months of income since working with Margie.

As a result of working with Margie I was able to focus on my strengths which in turn increased my confidence and try new approaches in my business that have allowed me to to increase my revenue to levels I hadn’t previously achieved. In fact, I have had several record-breaking months of income since working with Margie – and each of those far exceeds any previous month in my 10 years as a business owner.”

Chuck Fields

headshot Chuck Fields

“Margie is an enthusiastic, wonderfully organized, and generously supportive coach.

I realized that I wanted to expand my very small practice with individuals to include solid offerings for groups. Because I had heard Margie speak at more than one online event, I knew that she had a clear and well-defined road map for creating a signature program that I could use in my own business.”

Linda Porelle

“I wouldn’t have believed it could come together so easily for me.

One of the best things about the program is the personal attention from Margie. I really like how she was able to organize my seemingly random ideas into a manageable and concise order so that I could move forward. Her clear teaching style, the worksheets, and her help during the calls were extremely valuable.”

Suzie Coors
Suzie Coors

“My investment was well worth it… it will pay off over and over.

One of the most transformative parts of my experience with Margie was when she told me I needed to stop taking so many webinars and start doing something. She booted me out of my comfort zone and I needed it. Margie has integrity and that encounter impressed me as well as motivated me. She is easy to talk to and always put me at ease; it felt as if I was talking to a good friend. Margie helped me focus on the important things.”

John T. Jurkiewicz